High Barnet Dry Gin

High Barnet Dry Gin of noble British origin, prepared in accordance with recipes refined for
generations. The beverage owes its unique taste and the highest quality to the best herbal
ingredients and distillates produced in the UK as well as to extremely pure alcohol.

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The highest quality

How we ensure the highest quality of our gin?

The high quality of Barnet Dry Gin also results from the fact that it is made with the use of one
of the most technologically advanced bottling line of spirits (AWW). High Barnet Dry Gin is
produced in very small batches and each bottle is marked with its unique number printed
on the label, which certifies its highest quality.

High Barnet Dry Gin is distinguished by its remarkably delicate yet distinct taste. It will
work as a „base of character” used for classic drinks with tonic as well as for lighter and
low alcohol drinks which have been a hit of bars and parties lately.

High Barnwet Premium Gin. CWSA Silver Medal, Yellow Line Design Award Gold Medal 2023


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